"They may have Smashing Pumpkins attitude but it merges into what Cream, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith took from their mentors, combining the formula to bring it into the new century."



Forged in a dingy basement in Allston, MA, Blue Manic came onto the scene in summer 2015, awash in the tenacious, loud sounds of the neighborhood.  Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Max Grebe, guitarist/vocalist Mike Tate, bassist/vocalist Jared Greiff, and drummer Corey Downs, Blue Manic took a wide range of influences spanning metal, grunge, and blues to create a fuzzy, downtuned and at times psychedelic product that is not short on melodic harmonies.

2016 saw the independent release of the group's debut EP "V-32".  Recorded at Galaxy Park in Watertown, MA by Richard Marr, the 5-track EP showcased the attitude of a band that was thirsty for more.  Just 2 years later, Blue Manic entered the studio to record what would become their first full-length release. 


"Blue Manic" was recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA and gave the band the chance to work with engineer Dave Minehan, (The Neighborhoods).  This release showed a heavier, more experimental sound from the band, embracing washy and aggressive soundscapes that harken to their influences such as Kyuss or Red Fang.