Origin: Boston, MA


Genre:  Hard Rock


Years Active:  2015 - Present


Website: bluemanic.com

Forged in a dingy basement in Allston, MA, Blue Manic came onto the scene in summer 2015, awash in the tenacious, loud sounds of the neighborhood.  Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Max Grebe, guitarist/vocalist Mike Tate, bassist/vocalist Jared Greiff, and drummer Corey Downs, Blue Manic took a wide range of influences spanning metal, grunge, and blues to create a fuzzy, downtuned and at times psychedelic product that is not short on melodic harmonies.

2016 saw the independent release of the group's debut EP "V-32".  Recorded at Galaxy Park in Watertown, MA by Richard Marr, the 5-track EP showcased the attitude of a band that was thirsty for more.  Just 2 years later, Blue Manic entered the studio to record what would become their first full-length release. 


"Blue Manic" was recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA and gave the band the chance to work with engineer Dave Minehan, (The Neighborhoods).  This release showed a heavier, more experimental sound from the band, embracing washy and aggressive soundscapes that harken to their influences such as Kyuss or Red Fang.